8 new Netflix teen shows and movies coming in August 2021

Netflix Lifers, if you’re a fan of the streamer’s teen shows and movies, we’re sorry to say new content is light this month but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some choice selections to add to your queue.

The most anticipated teen title coming to Netflix in August is, of course, The Kissing Booth 3. Like the To All the Boys trilogy earlier this year, The Kissing Booth film series is coming to a close with a life-affirming choice. What college will Elle choose and how will it affect her relationships with Noah and Lee? The drama is sure to be peak.

Speaking of drama, He’s All That is set to land on the platform later in the month. Yes, a new teen romcom is coming your way and this one is a remake of a ’90s classic. Also on deck are two football focused shows, a John Hughes movie, and a film starring Riverdale‘s Cole Sprouse as a chronically ill teen in love with a girl who’s just as in love and as sick as he is.

So, while new teen content isn’t in abundance on Netflix in August, there’s still plenty to enjoy! Here are the 8 teen shows and movies coming to the streamer this month!

Teen shows and movies coming to Netflix in August

The Kissing Booth 3 – August 11

The time has come for Elle to make a choice. With summer rolling in, she only has a few short months before she’ll have to live with one of the hardest decisions she’ll ever have to make in her life. Will she follow Noah to college across the country forsaking the promise she made to Lee as a child? Or will she honor the pact they made and live out their dreams at the same college like they’d planned before her romance with Noah began?

August 1

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

All Ferris wants is a day off, a chance to kick back and chill but his principal has different plans for him. Determined to have the day he feels he deserves, Ferris schemes to cram as much fun as possible into a day that would make it into the history books if he had his way.

Five Feet Apart

Will and Stella fell in love. But, it’s not as simple as romance and stolen kisses. They both have cystic fibrosis which means they’re not supposed to have contact. Five feet stands between the two and what they want most, to touch like any other couple figuring out life and love.

Friday Night Lights seasons 1-5

In Dillon, Texas high school football reigns supreme. Coach Eric Taylor has one job, take the panthers to the state championship and win. However, when their star quarterback is irreparably injured, he’ll have to contend not only with the pressure to rebuild his team but also the clashing personalities of his players.

The Edge of Seventeen

High school is hard but when Nadine finds out her best friend and older brother are dating, the entire situation gets much worse. In a household where she clashes with both her mother and her brother, Nadine thought she’d at least always have Krista on her side. Now it looks like she may have lost her, too. What’s a frustrated, socially awkward seventeen year old to do?

August 4

Control Z season 2

A new semester at el Colegio Nacional means new problems in this second season. Lu